Tax Services

Our experienced CPAs have the knowledge and expertise to help you with your unique tax needs. We specialize in sophisticated tax planning, tax strategies, and creating tax saving solutions to both individuals and businesses.

Tax Preparation

We handle all kinds of personal and business tax returns including: 1040s, 1120S, 1065, 1120C, 1041, etc.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is crucial to minimize your tax liability. The greatest value we provide our clients comes with our detailed level of tax planning for individuals and businesses.

1031/1033 Exchanges

1031 Exchanges also called like kind exchanges can be complex, but if done correctly it is a great way to defer capital gains on real estate with substantial appreciation. 1033 Exchanges can be used to defer gain triggered through condemnation (eminent domain), theft, or casualty (fire).

Cost Segregation & Depreciation Analysis

Cost Segregation and Depreciation Analysis can generate massive tax savings for business owners. We can help you analyze your assets from a tax standpoint and ensure you are taking the correct depreciation deductions to generate immediate tax savings.

Entity Structure & LLC Conversion

When you decide to form your business, there are many options that you must structure your company. You can set your company up as a Single Member LLC, S Corporation, Partnership, or C Corporation.

Tax Credits

There are various IRS and State Tax Credits available to businesses, depending on which field of business you are in. IRS and State Tax Credits can be a substantial part of lowering your taxes.

IRS Tax Issues & Resolution

When you find yourself in a situation with the IRS where you have not filed several years of tax returns, received an under reporter CP2000 notice from the IRS, or are in substantial debt with the IRS, we can help.

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