Entity Structure/LLC Conversions/Tax Elections

When you decide to form your business, there are many options that you have to structure your company. You can set your company up as a Single Member LLC, S Corporation, Partnership, or C Corporation.  

To select the most beneficial structure, we can go over your current and future plans to make sure we have the best structure for you and your business. 

We can also tier up structures for various reasons to help minimize net investment income tax, ensure that activities are considered active instead of passive, and open the door to more deductions. 

There are situations in which you might have selected an entity structure when starting your business and now you have grown, and another entity structure makes more sense. Many companies face this issue, which causes excess tax and legal liability. We can help guide you through the process of converting your entity structure to a more favorable treatment.  

Tax Services

Our professionals have extensive experience in tax preparation and planning for S-Corps, Partnerships, LLCs, C-Corps, Estates, and Trust tax returns. We pride ourselves in understanding complex tax transactions and can implement tax strategies to minimize tax liability.

Business Advisory

Our firm will guide you through any challenge you face such as buying or selling a business, succession planning, understanding how the tax reform (TCJA) can benefit your business, converting your entity structure to a more favorable treatment, assisting in getting your business a loan, analyzing your current insurance policies, among various other advisory services.

Individual Advisory

Our professionals will assist in helping you reach your financials goals. We take a closer look at your current financial/retirement planning and analyze your options, while taking into account tax deductions. We consider the value of your estate and will be able to implement estate planning strategies so your wealth can transfer seamlessly to your family.

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